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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 27/07/17

I nearly managed a good round today but after seven holes with no real disasters, I threw it all away at the 8th. Conditions were good with the weather starting off a bit overcast but brightening by the end of the round. There was a bit of a breeze but I didn't find that it affected me to much. I had the driver in the bag again today but a few balls on the range with it before teeing off weren't that inspiring.

I took the driver on the 1st even though it was risky, with the ditch and trees close on the right and more trees to the left. It wasn't a very positive hit but pulled around from the right to land mid-fairway at about 130 yards. My hybrid usually goes further! The next two hybrids were also pretty weak but then I managed to pitch on with my 8-iron. Two putts for a nett par 6.

I didn't risk the driver on the 2nd with its sloping bank into the all-catching ditch on the right. My 20 degree hybrid did a good job at 153 yards, centre fairway. I then used the 27 degree hybrid and put the second at the back of the green. Two putts and a par 4, nett birdie.
Hole 2 - 27 July 2017
My tee shot drifted right on the short 3rd. I made a low 7-iron chip from behind the low-hanging willow tree and was on the green. Unfortunately I took three putts, but with two strokes on this hole I still made a nett par 5.

On the 4th the driver finally performed with a 175 yard shot to the centre of the fairway. Unfortunately I then pulled my next hybrid shot and was lucky not to end up rolling into the lake. I had to chip sideways back onto the fairway but was then short with my 9-iron. A 7-iron chip-and-run then went off the back of the green. I pitched back on and single-putted but it was a nett bogey 7.

I was a bit lucky on the 5th, the tee shot skidding through the left bunker and leaving me a short pitch on. I almost got it down in one but needed a knock-in to finish with a nett par 4.

I had a reasonable drive on the 6th but it went up the bank on the left. I don't like playing off banks but on this occasion hit a good ball, leaving me about 15 yards from the green. A chip and two putts for a nett par 5.

I had another clean drive on the 7th but then was thick on my hybrid, pushing it only about 80 yards. The next was better, and I then pitched on and two-putted for a nett par 6.

The 8th is where it all went wrong. I think I looked up when driving and I hit the ground quite hard with the driver. I very rarely do this so was disappointed, plus the ball only went 40 yards. I then tried to make up lost ground with my hybrid and had another bad shot, coming down on the top of the ball and this time only gaining 25 yards. This was not a good start on the longest par 4 on the front 9. Fortunately my next two hybrid shots were reasonable and I should have been able to pitch on, but I again didn't hit the ball well, leaving me another short chip to the green. The putt touched the cup but didn't fall, so with one more putt it was a blobbed 8. My only blob of the round.

I had a good drive on the 9th, almost 180 yards, having risked the lake and bunker, both of which are in play at that distance. I was nidely on the fairway but then I proceeded to hit three really mediocre hybrids in succession. I was then in a position to pitch on for 5, but shanked my 9-iron. From the right of the green I chipped up and the ball literally ran across the side of the hole but didn't drop. I putted out for a nett bogey 7, which wasn't bad in the circumstances, but a 6 would have been nice if the chip had run in.

So it was 52 shots, 17 putts and 15 points. Not too bad, but I was disappointed that I blobbed the 8th. I'm playing with the Mad Cats society at Rutland Water tomorrow so today was a bit of a dry run (no pun intended). I still am a bit ambivalent about my driver. It's not giving me a great deal of extra distance and it has the potential to get me into trouble. I'll probably use it selectively tomorrow, on those holes where there's plenty of space and where a slightly wayward shot won't put me in trouble.

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Scorecard - 27 July 2017

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