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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 27/10/16

Hole 8 - 27 October 2016
A remarkably pleasant day for late October so I decided to put in a 9-hole card, which I think fulfils my obligation to the handicap secretary for this year.

My new strategy was to leave all the woods at home and use only my hybrids and irons. Fairway accuracy improved to 71% so the hybrids were certainly more accurate than the woods off the tee, but unfortunately I had a few tee shots where I was high on the ball, resulting in short ground-hugging trajectories.

I was cleanly off the tee on the 1st and two further hybrids left me with a 40 yard pitch to the green. The pin was at the back and I was short with my 8-iron, needing two putts for a nett par 6, which was nonetheless very acceptable.

The hybrid tee shot on the 2nd was long at 151 yards and although it crept right, it stayed away from the path and ditch. My next shot was also good, coming to rest just off the front of the green. Unfortunately I then made a mess of what should have been a simple 7-iron chip, going right and off the back of the green. Another 7-iron on and two putts for a nett bogey 6.

Hole 3 was interesting. I tried too hard with my tee shot and sent the ball low, where it came to rest in the rough after about 80 yards. My 9-iron pitch was a bit thin and just as I was expecting to see the ball disappear past the green, it hit the pin! A lucky break. The ball had come to rest just off the left of the green, from where I putted on and put down a simple short putt for a nett par 4.

The 4th also went well. My hybrid tee shot was probably as good as it gets at 173 yards, and my next hybrid put me about 70 yards from the green, albeit a bit to the right of the fairway. A 7-iron played low to avoid tree branches got me to the right of the green, from where I putted on and then two-putted for a nett par 6. It could have been a 5, but a 6 is more than acceptable on this hole.

The tee position was towards the back of the tee box today on the 5th and it was always going to be an ask to reach the green. I didn't, and ended up in the right hand bunker. I got out but the ball skewed right leaving me on the opposite side of the green from the pin. An over-bold putt went past the pin and off the green. I then completely muffed an 8-iron chip only to put the next one in the hole for a nett bogey 5. Golf is an unpredictable game!

I had a shortish tee shot on the 6th and tried to recover lost ground with my second shot, only to come down on the ball and send it left into the fairway bunker. Moral - don't try to recover lost ground. A 9-iron got me out of the bunker but the ball went right rather than straight. Another 9-iron failed to reach the green, requiring a further 7-iron chip. Two putts gave me a 7, my first blobbed hole.

If the 6th was bad, the 7th was awful. Everything went wrong. My tee shot was topped, then I again tried too hard with the second, which also went nowhere, and I only recovered slightly with the third, although this went right into the rough. Another foolish attempt to power out of the rough and reach the green failed miserably, the ball again landing in the rough to the right. Then my 8-iron approach shot landed in the left hand bunker. I got out but put the ball on the far side of the green, from where I chipped on with my 7-iron and two-putted for a 9, an embarrassing nett triple bogey blob.

The 8th offered some relief. Three unspectacular hybrids got me to where I could pitch on with my 8-iron, which went left and rolled off the green. I chipped on with the 7-iron and two-putted for 7, a nett bogey.

I was already on 50, so it wasn't going to be a good 9-holes, but I wanted to try to do better on the 9th. So what did I do? A topped tee shot that went 40 yards. My next hybrid nearly went in the lake, ending up on the downslope at the edge. Thankfully a good 8-iron put me back onto the fairway and added 116 yards, followed by a clean hybrid shot that set me up for a pitch onto the green. My 7-iron was just short of the green but I putted on to within inches of the hole and put the ball down for a nett bogey 7, much better than I expected at the beginning of the hole.

The end result was 57 shots, 10 points and 15 putts. Yet again a good start marred by poor tee shots and fluffed ground strokes. I think most my mistakes today were because I tried too hard to regain lost ground. I must discipline myself not to do this. Keep it smooth!

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 27 October 2016

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