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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 28/04/16

Today could have been the day that I played nine holes without messing up, but it wasn't to be. A beautiful sunny morning and despite a somewhat wet course after heavy rain yesterday, the conditions were generally good.

A sensible drive on the 1st set me off, but I then miss-hit my 5-wood into the trees on the left. After a safety shot out I put a hybrid shot about 90 yards from the green and pitched on with my 8-iron. Two putts gave me a gross 7, nett bogey, which wasn't bad after the earlier mistake.

I had a bit of luck on the 2nd where my drive went left into trees but rolled back out onto the fairway. Unfortunately my hybrid shot found the right hand bunker, but I played out and two-putted for a gross 5, nett par.

My drive went right on the 3rd ending up under trees, from where I chipped with my 7-iron to keep it low. Unfortunately it came to rest on the green a long way from the pin. The resulting three putts gave me a gross 5, nett bogey on this par 3.
Hole 4 - 28 April 2016
The often tricky 4th went well. The drive was right of the fairway but I played a reasonable hybrid back on, and then another that put me only 30 yards from the pin. I chipped on and single putted for a gross 5, nett birdie.

I took my driver on the par 3, 5th, as there was a headwind. I chipped on from the left of the green but the ball rolled back off the front. An off-green putt left me with a 'gimmie' and a gross 4, nett par.

A relatively poor drive on the 6th was recovered with a good hybrid putting me about 50 yards from the pin. A 7-iron chip-and-run and two putts resulted in a gross 5, nett par.

A good drive on the long 7th followed by a good hybrid put me around 100 yards from the pin, from where I pitched on and two-putted for a gross 5, which is a nett birdie for me on this long hole.

So at this point my point score was equivalent to a nett par round. And then it all went wrong.

My drive on the 8th just crept into the trees on the left, from where I played a sensible safety shot out, and then a reasonable hybrid. From that point I should have put my next hybrid shot on or near the green for 4, but I thinned it and got only about 45 yards. I then proceeded to muff two 9-iron shots in succession, and was still not on the green for 6. Things continued to go downhill when I stubbed the 7-iron chip, needing a second one to get on the green. Now on 8, I two putted for a shocking 10. How quickly things can go wrong.

My psyche was obviously shaken, as my next drive on the 9th strayed right, placing me behind the lake. I then thinned a hybrid, which drove the ball straight into the lake. A penalty drop and a second attempt with the hybrid got me going again, but the next shot drifted right, behind the dreaded tree-populated bank. A bold attempt to loft a 9-iron over the trees failed, the ball instead skimming along the ground for about 30 yards, but it at least ended up on the fairway and was playable. An attempted hybrid pitch onto the green drifted right, and the 9-iron chip was then short, needing another 7-iron chip-and-run plus a putt to finish. Another 10!

Golf is the most frustrating of games. Seven reasonably well controlled holes, accruing 14 Stableford points, and then after a couple of mistakes everything falls to pieces.

The only saving grace is that you know that you can do it, but just not to order.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 28 April 2016

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