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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 28/07/16

A warm day with light winds although rain was threatened for later. I'm out with the Mad Cats group tomorrow so today was a 9-hole practice session.

My usual playing partner, another Bob, wanted me to try a different approach on the 1st. I have been going into the trees to the left because of the fear of the ditch and out of bounds on the right. He gave me a couple of found balls and suggested I try for a straight drive. This actually worked and I was 160 yards out in the middle of the fairway. The next 5-wood was thin and skimmed along for about 120 yards but the following one was well hit at 157 yards, leaving me a short 7-iron chip-and-run. A putt for a par 5 was definitely on but in the end I needed two for a 6, a nett par.

The 2nd also has a ditch and out of bounds on the right, aggravated by the fact that the ground falls away towards this hazard, meaning anything rightish will probably bounce or roll in. Bob again suggested a more positive approach as I have recently been going into trees to the left on this hole as well. This time it didn't work. I took a hybrid hoping for greater accuracy but this sliced into the ditch. I then took the driver, which hit the fairway but was turning right. The slope of the ground ensured that it also found the ditch. Amazingly we found both balls, so I played the first after a penalty drop. A good hybrid almost got me to the green. A chip on and two putts for a 6, a nett bogey, which wasn't bad after the penalty drop.

It all really went wrong on the 3rd. I attempted to lay up with my 27 degree hybrid but caught it so cleanly off the tee that it rolled into the left bunker. This is a pig of a bunker and I repeated the fiasco of a few weeks ago by taking three to get out, and even then I wasn't on the green. I putted on and then two-putted for a 7 on this par 3. A nett triple bogey. That really put an end to any hope of a good score over nine holes.

The 4th went quite well with a good drive that just stopped short of the bunker and two hybrids that got me to the side of the green. The 7-iron chip was weak and left me with two putts to finish with a 6, a nett par, but it could have been better. The 5th could also have been better. My hybrid tee shot went right of the green from where I chipped on with my gap wedge but the chip was short and I needed three putts to hole out for a 5, a nett bogie.

I pulled the drive on the 6th and ended up on the bank to the left. With my feet considerably higher than the ball I managed to hit a reasonable shot but unfortunately it ended up in a bunker to the left of the fairway. An attempted 'long' 8-iron clearance was well short because I took too much sand. A 9-iron got me on the green and two putts gave me a 6, a nett bogey.

The equal best drive of the day on the 7th left me 185 yards out in the middle of the fairway. If only I could always do that. The following 5-wood strayed right and my 9-iron off the bank was accurate but short. I chipped on and two putted for 6, a nett par. The 8th was somewhat similar. Another 185 yard drive, 140 yard 5-wood and 132 yard hybrid took me through the green, from where I chipped back on and two-putted for another 6, and another nett par.

If things had started to look up, the 9th ensured that I wasn't going enjoy a good finish. After a reasonable drive, that gladly stopped just short of the lake, I hit back onto the fairway with a hybrid and then took my 5-wood. Just as on my last time out the ball caught the trees on the right, but this time it bounced out leaving me a clean shot. I went with my 8-iron but sliced slightly, the ball rolling into the lake on the right. Although the ball had only gently rolled into the undergrowth at the edge of the lake we couldn't find it, so a penalty drop for 5. I chipped on but needed two putts to finish for an 8, a nett double bogey.

A disappointing 56 with an equally disappointing 19 putts (too many short!), two penalties and two wasted bunker shots that didn't clear. Let's hope tomorrow's game goes a bit better.

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Scorecard - 28 July 2016

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