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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 28/11/16

The weather forecast was good and so it turned out. It was fresh but we enjoyed bright sunshine and little wind.

With the disaster that was my last outing, today I decided to experiment a bit. I put my 3-wood back in the bag after an absence of more than a year. The driving range was closed meaning that I couldn't practise a bit beforehand. Consequently my drive off the 1st tee was a leap of faith and unsurprisingly it curved right into the ditch. After a drop, three mediocre hybrid shots left me with a gap wedge chip onto the green, with two putts for a nett double bogey 8.

The 2nd was a repeat performance, the drive again going towards the ditch, but this time it was lost. Another penalty drop followed by a decent hybrid and a 7-iron chip on. Two putts and a nett bogey 6.

Having taken my 20 degree hybrid out of the bag I didn't really have a club to reach the 3rd green. My 23 degree club was short, but safe. I pitched on and two-putted for a nett par 4.

The 3-wood shot off the 4th tee was thick and only made 90 yards. So far this club wasn't providing the breakthrough that I was looking for. A good hybrid recovery was followed by a shanked 7-iron that bounced off a tree back onto the centre of the fairway: a bit of luck. Wary of the lake to the left I put the next shot on the top of the bank to the right. The shot off the bank clipped branches and deflected left, ending up off the green. A 9-iron chip dug in and left me with a long putt, a second being needed for a blobbed 8.

On the par 3, 5th I again didn't have a club to reach the green (without the risk of overshooting) and I played short into the bunker. It took three to get out, and then a chip on, with two putts for a blobbed 7.

On the 6th I tried a modified approach with the 3-wood. I closed my stance, giving me more height, held the club well down the grip, and tried to bring the swing through much closer to my body. The aim was to avoid the slice, which always seems to occur when I swing further away from my body. The result was a longer drive that ended up on the fairway. The next hybrid was a bit thick but I pitched on with 9-iron, only to three-putt for a nett bogey 6.

Adopting the same approach with my tee shot on the 7th gave me another good drive that again landed on the fairway. I then got a bit too confident and tried to play the 3-wood off the fairway, with an abysmal result. Not to be discouraged I tried again, and although this time the ball went a fair distance, it sliced right. So I decided to stick with the hybrids on the fairway. A nice lofted pitch with my 9-iron got me on the green and two putts gave me a nett par 6.

Another clean 3-wood on the 8th was followed by a sliced hybrid that ended up in the margins of the lake. A penalty drop and another hybrid left me a 9-iron pitch, which was short, a gap wedge chip putting me on the green. Two putts gave me an 8, and another blob.

And so to the 9th. This time the 3-wood went straight, which was a bit worrying at first as I had aimed slightly left to allow for a drift right, and I thought it had made the bunker. In fact it was short and I hit a clean hybrid 153 yards to give me a chance of reaching the green in 3. I didn't quite make it but pitched on for 4, and then two-putted for a nett birdie 6.

Hole 9 - 28 November 2016

Although the final tally of 59 wasn't great, I was encouraged by the fact that I seemed to be getting to grips with the 3-wood on the later holes. In fact, I tried modifying my hybrid shots to swing through closer to my body, and this certainly paid dividends on the 9th, which is a par 5, where I was almost to the green in 3.

Scorecard - 28 November 2016

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