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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 30/07/18

The good rounds of a few weeks ago are certainly becoming distant memories as I lapse back into mediocrity. After a week off, when I went on a French course, I was hoping for a return to form today. Unfortunately this didn't happen, with far too many bad strikes leading to recovery situations and the attendant additional shots.

I didn't start too bad. The drive on the 1st was short and the second poorly hit, but the following hybrid was good and I then pitched to the green for 4. Two putts for a nett par 6. On the 2nd the drive was longer but the ball rolled into the right-side ditch. But because of the lack of rain the ditch is now dry and I played out. My pitch was then long and I needed to putt on from the back of the green. I just missed with my first putt on the green, taking two for a net bogey 5.
My drive went right on the 3rd, the ball settling under trees among much fallen branch debris. My attempt at a ground-hugging shot only just made the green, with the pin being near the far side. The outcome, three putts for a net par 5. After a good drive on the 4th my hybrid shot went further left than I intended. Conscious of the lake, I pushed the next shot up onto the right bank and was lucky not to go out-of-bounds. I was under a shrub and a 6-iron 'poke' did better than I could perhaps have hoped, leaving me just off the left of the green. I putted on and then missed a fairly short putt, the second putt making it a net bogey 7.

A poor drive on the 5th left the ball in the right-side bunker. I got out, but still needed to chip on. This was long resulting in two putts for a net bogey 5. After a shortish drive on the 6th I hit a bad hybrid shot that left me almost under the branches of a conifer. A 'down-the-shaft' poke with my 6-iron got me out, followed by a ground-hugging shot with the same club to keep me under the willow branches. I was still off the green but could putt on, unfortunately still needing two more putts for a blobbed 7.

The 7th was reasonable drama free. A drive, hybrid and 8-iron put me just off the right of the green. A chip on and two putts for a net par 6. The 8th wasn't so good. The drive was short and after my next hybrid shot, which was longer than the drive, the ball rolled right to near the edge of the path. I should have dropped, since although the ball was superficially on grass, I think it was grass that had overgrown the path. This became clear when I took an iron shot, which wasn't great. The next hybrid didn't get me to the green and after a short pitch I two-putted for a net bogey 7.

The 9th was also a bit of a mess. A reasonable length drive went right and the next hybrid was along the ground, narrowly avoiding the lake that was in front of me. My next shot was again right, leaving me with the need to hit over trees. Instead I hit the ball into them, it dropping some 100 yards from the green. I pitched on with my 8-iron but then three-putted for a blobbed 8. A sad end to a very mediocre round.

End result, 57 strokes and 20 putts with 10 Stableford points.

I'm playing 18 holes at Rutland Water on Friday so let's hope I pull things together. The last time I played Rutland was a bit of a disaster, so it doesn't bode well. But with golf, who knows?

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Scorecard - 30 July 2018

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