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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 30/06/16

Back to mediocrity!

After what has been a quite good run of games today went badly. The weather forecast had said 19C but in fact it turned out to be very warm with a light wind. Having donned a long-sleeved shirt I soon became too hot. Whether that was a factor in my poor play who can say.

It started well. On the green in 4 on the 1st and two putts for 6, a nett par.

The 2nd also played out nigh-on perfectly. On the green in 2 and two putts for 4, a nett birdie.

Hole 2 - 30 June 2016t
The par 3, 3rd was playing at 160 yards today so rather than trying too hard with my 5-wood I went for the driver. I held back on a full drive and ended up in the bunker in front of the green, then took three to get out. A 7-iron chip and a putt got me down in 6 but that's a nett double bogey blob. Note to self: lay up on this hole next time!

Things then went badly wrong on the 4th, having parred it the other day. The drive was badly hooked and ended up on a bank, the lie being awful. My 8-iron didn't shift it far but at least the new lie was better, a hybrid getting me back in contention. I did a 'head-up' on the next hybrid, probably because the lake was in play and I was eager to see where the ball was going. As it was it got nowhere near the lake. The next hybrid was good, landing just short of the green to the right. A 7-iron chip and two putts gave me an 8 - hopelessly blobbed with another nett double bogey.

I nearly messed up the par 3, 5th with a lightly sliced 5-wood that ended up awkwardly on the right-hand bank. I surprised myself with a gap wedge shot that landed on the green but rolled off. A 7-iron chip left me with an unmissable putt for 4, a nett par. Things were getting a bit better.

My second shot on the 6th went a bit too far left but was positioned well for a 7-iron chip. Unfortunately I was too short and needed two putts to finish with a 5, nett par.

I usually look forward to picking up some extra points on the 7th and 8th as although they are long, they have wide fairways and few hazards. My drive on the 7th sliced a bit but wasn't in trouble, but the following two 5-woods were both dire, both suffering from 'head-up'. The third 5-wood attempt was better, having kept saying to myself don't lift your head, but it ended up in the left-hand bunker. At least I got out first time but needed an off-green putt and one more putt to finish with an 8 - another nett double bogey.

The 8th was a bit better in that my fairway wood shots were good, and I was just off the green with a gap wedge for 4. I putted on and needed two more putts to finish with a 7, nett bogey.

I was now on 48 shots, and a decent 9th would have mitigated the previous poor play, but it wasn't to be. The drive was good, and two reasonable 5-woods followed by a 9-iron put me to the right of the green, from where a chip on and one or two putts was perfectly possible. As it was my first gap wedge shot dug in and went nowhere. The next attempt put me on the green, but then three putts left me with an inglorious 9 - a triple bogey.

So in the end it was a 57, three very poor holes bringing down what otherwise would have been a not too bad round. I ended up hot and sticky and more than a little disappointed. I have an 18 hole game tomorrow with the Mad Cats society so let's see how that goes.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 30 June 2016

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