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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course- 30/03/17

Today was an absolutely glorious day with lots of sun forecast, so I decided to try 18 holes for the first time since last autumn. It turned out not to be a good decision. I took my carry bag and should have really taken my trolly. With a history of back problems, carrying for over four hours isn't to be recommended. But what made things far worse was the fact that it must have been the slowest 18 holes I've ever played. There was a society out in front and things never really spread out. By the time we got to the 16th tee there were three groups waiting to tee off, with another just finishing off on the 15th green behind us. To have effectively four groups bunched like that at the 16th tee is nothing short of ridiculous. All the additional standing and waiting didn't do my back any favours. And towards the end the wind also became very problematic.

My golf wasn't good either. Two +5 holes and four +4s should give you a feel for my level of play! Slow play never helps, of course, nor does a grumbling back, but I made plenty of mistakes as well. I'm not, therefore, proposing to give my usual blow by blow account. I will just summarise it as awful and best forgotten. To be fair, I had been trying out a few subtle changes to my play and that might also have contributed to some of the poor shots. And as things got worse, I experimented all the more, having decided that I might as well use the round for practice and to try a few things, the score already being past redemption.

There were some plus points. I had been experimenting with swinging through in a more linear plane, rather than coming round my body, if that makes sense. This did produce an improvement in the direction of my shots, with less tendency to pull the iron shots. Of course, when trying something different, there will be a few things that don't work.

So I think I may have made a bit of positive progress with technique despite all the problems. But as a round of golf, as I've already said, it's best forgotten.

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