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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 30/05/16

Back from holiday and my first time on the golf course for nearly a month to play in a charity friendly competition. We were playing as a four-ball, me and three women. It was a full handicap competition with two scores counting on the par 5s, three on the par 4s and all four on the par 3s.

It was a split start with some of us teeing off on hole 10. I didn't mind this as this hole is far more forgiving than the 1st. However, the tee shot was a feeble miss-hit that went just over 70 yards into the rough and trees on the left. My 8-iron attempt to get out managed under 40 yards but then I hit my 5-wood 125 yards to get back in contention. The next 5-wood wasn't so good, clipping trees and making only 55 yards. Now on four, I needed to get down in three more shots to save a point. A good hybrid shot got me just off the green followed by a sweet 7-iron chip-and-run giving me a simple putt for nett-bogey 7.

Hole 11 was a bit better, with a reasonable drive that went right but didn't put me in trouble. A couple of 5-woods and a 9-iron got me to just off the green, from where my gap wedge and a single putt gave me a nett par 6. I played the drive on the 12th to the left trying to accommodate the right-left dogleg, but it hit a tree and bounced back a few yards. A 7-iron out of the poor lie followed by a good 5-wood allowed me to put the ball on the green with my gap wedge and two-putt for a nett-bogey 6.

My drive on 13 was long (195 yards) and although in the light rough to the right, it allowed me a good 5-wood to within gap wedge range of the green. Unfortunately I slightly shanked the wedge, ending up past the green to the right in long rough. I tried to chip out with the same wedge but was short of the green. At that point I should have gone back to the bag for my 7-iron but instead I used the wedge again and ended up on the green well short of the pin. Two putts gave me a gross 7, which blobbed the hole, which was a pity considering the first two shots were so good. A couple of lessons learned.

On hole 14 I drove into a bush and had to take a drop since the lie was unplayable. I then muffed the next shot. So already on three I hit a length perfect hybrid, but unfortunately it wasn't direction perfect. My 7-iron chip onto the undulating green was too strong, requiring a chip back and a putt for another gross 7, and another blob.

I usually do well on the long 15th. My drive went right into rough but the ball was sitting up a bit and I hit a good 23 degree hybrid, gaining another 145 yards. The next shot, a 5-wood, was thin and ran along the ground, leaving me about 170 yards from the pin. Taking the 5-wood again I caught it clean and hit 167 yards to end up on the path to the right of the green, pin high. My 7-iron chip was weak leaving me two putts for a nett-bogey 7.

I thinned my 5-wood on the short 16th leaving me 50 yards or so from the green. A gap wedge chip put me past the pin and two putts gave me a nett-par 4. On the 17th a slightly right drive followed by a rather short 5-wood left me about 100 yards from the green with the large front-of-green bunker to cross. A solid 8-iron did the job and left me two putts for a nett-par 5, the first putt having stopped on the lip and dropped after about 20 seconds.

A reasonable drive and 5-wood on the 18th left me set up to get on the green for three, but the iron shots weren't good and I ended up on 5 by the time I was on the green. Two putts gave me a gross 7 and a blobbed hole. I thus managed only 10 points on the back nine with 56 strokes.

The front nine started with a cracking down-the-middle 194 yard drive. A 5-wood followed by a hybrid gave me a 40 yard pitch with my gap wedge to be on the green for four. Two putts for a nett-par 6. Things were looking up.

Holes 1 and 9 - 30 May 2016

Holes 1 and 9

On the 2nd my ball bounced right and seemed to roll into the water filled ditch. However, when I got there it had stopped a few inches short of the ditch and my second shot got me to within 20 yards of the green. A pitch on was regrettably followed by three putts (the only three-putt of the round) for a nett-bogey 6. The 3rd hole was much better. With the tee position well back and a strong wind I took the driver and put the ball just off the green a few yards short of the pin. A putt from off the green and a second into the cup gave me a nett-birdie 3, and 3 points.

The troublesome 4th was played uncharacteristically well. A good if somewhat leftish drive followed by two clean hybrid shots put me only ten yards or so from the green. A 7-iron chip-and-run and two putts gave me a nett-par 6. The par 3, 5th was a repeat almost of the 3rd. A drive into the wind this time ended up to the left of the green, followed by a 7-iron chip and one putt for a nett-birdie 3.

A good drive on the 6th (189 yards) followed by (for me) a very good 118 yard 8-iron left me two putts for a nett-birdie 4. In fact, the first putt skipped out of the hole, just denying me a nett eagle. The 7th went well until I put the third shot into the right-hand bunker. I got out but needed another chip to get on the green, where a single putt gave me nett-par 6.

The 8th also went well, with three good starting shots; a 179 yard drive, a 153 yard 5-wood and a 123 yard hybrid. The 7-iron onto the green was followed by two putts for another nett-par 6. The 9th can be a soul-destroying hole but today I came through almost unscathed. From the tee I kept left to avoid the lake and then aimed left again to avoid the bank and trees on the right. I overdid it slightly ending up the wrong side of the path, but got out of the rough with a hybrid and on the green with my gap wedge. Two putts gave me a nett-bogey 7 on this par 5.

The front nine, therefore, resulted in 19 points from 47 strokes, one of the very rare occasions that I actually played within my handicap, if only over nine holes. Despite this little cause for celebration our team didn't win anything, but it was only for fun.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 30 May 2016

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