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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 30/10/17

We had perfect conditions today. Although it was colder than of late, there was no discernible wind and the fairways were closely cut and reasonably firm. Winter rules were in place but there was little need to pick up and clean the ball. I didn't start that well but had a good middle section, losing it a bit on the last three holes. But overall I was quite pleased.

My drive on the 1st just managed to roll into the right side ditch, requiring a penalty drop. I then hit a couple of good 4-irons and was left with a simple pitch to the green. One of a number of 'head up' events caused me to shank right, the ball coming to rest on the fringe of the green. A long putt from there left me with a possible point-saving putt, but the ball passed the edge of the hole, leaving me with a second putt and a blobbed 8.

An 177 yard drive on the 2nd was followed by two rubbish irons, both suffering the 'head up' problem, the first skewing left and the second right. I managed to pitch on with the next shot and two-putted for a nett bogey 6, but it should have been a par.

On the 3rd I reverted to my 20 degree hybrid off the tee, which worked well, leaving me on the right side fringe of the green. A long putt on was followed by another very near miss, the next giving me a nett birdie 4. (As mentioned previously, this par 3 now gives a ridiculous two-shots for high handicappers)

The 4th can be a nightmare but today things went quite well. I put the drive left of fairway to avoid the right side bunker. From there a 5-iron (143 yards) out of the light rough positioned me ideally for a shot to the green between the lake and the right side trees. I thinned the 7-iron but it was on target and the ball settled off the back of the green. A rare controlled chip out of the rough left me with a simple putt for a nett birdie 5.

I took my hybrid again on the 5th, another par 3. I went left of the green but was pin high with a 151 yard shot, which is long for the 20 degree hybrid. Another controlled chip up left me a 5 foot putt for a par 3, nett birdie. I had now scored three points on the this and the previous two holes.

A good drive on the 6th was followed by another thinned 7-iron, which again stayed out of trouble with the ball ending up on the green. Two putts for a par 4, nett birdie, and again three points.

Holes 4, 5 & 6 - 31 October 2017

Things were really looking good at this stage as I drove off on the 7th. The drive was safe on the fairway and a 4-iron left me with what should have been a 7-iron to the green. However, I was heavy with the shot, leaving me well short. I then shanked my pitch, the ball settling in light rough to the right, and still short of the green. I putted out of the rough for better control and left myself a gettable putt. But it wasn't to be, and a second putt left me with a nett bogey 7.

The 8th was interesting. My tee shot went left into the trees, seemingly heading straight into the depth of the copse. After a bit of a search I actually found the ball in the rough to the side of the 7th fairway. This left me with a shot over the trees. I took my pitching wedge and concentrated on not looking up as I took the shot. The contact felt good but by the time I raised my head the ball had gone, and I wasn't sure where. In fact it was in the middle of the 8th fairway, a perfect recovery and 97 yards from my pitching wedge. After this stupendous recovery, and a decent 4-iron, I shanked my pitch, and had to chip on from light rough. Two putts then left me with another nett bogey 7.

Conscious that I can drive the lake to the right, on the 9th I intentionally went left, ending up in the rough short of the bunker. A good 5-iron out sent me right of the fairway, from where I tried to put the next 5-iron through the gap between the trees that are there to catch you both to the left and right. I was in fact too far left, the ball settling on a bank in a thick carpet of leaves and with low branches restricting a lofted shot. I tried a de-lofted 8-iron but didn't hit it well, only gaining about 30 yards. I then pitched on and two-putted for a nett bogey 7 on this par 5. The fact I get two shots on the easy par 3, 3rd, and only one on this very tricky par 5 is a total mystery to me.

The end result was 51 shots and 16 putts, which was quite satisfying considering I had an 8 and three 7s. Most of the dropped shots were because of my propensity to lift my head when making a tricky shot, usually when pitching up to the green. I don't have the same problem with longer fairway shots, where the outcome isn't as critical. This is something I must resolve if I'm to stop throwing away shots. It sounds simple to do, but psychologically seems to be quite difficult to achieve.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 31 October 2017

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