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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 31/03/16

A glorious day with bright sunshine and hardly any wind, so it's not possible to blame the weather for anything. If blame is to be apportioned, it must go to the sticky fertiliser that had been spread over the greens. It certainly slowed the ball and left it sticky to touch. My putting wasn't good.

The 1st started well with a drive of around 170 yards down the middle. Pity, therefore, that I totally miss-hit the next 5-wood, pushing it into the trees on the left. A somewhat lucky clearance set me up to put the next shot on the green for 4. I then ruined everything by three-putting. A strong drive on the 2nd clipped the tall tree on the left, which is becoming a habit. Luckily it was playable but it needed a lofted shot over other trees and my attempt to loft and get distance with a 7-iron only succeeded in hitting a tree again. I played a safety shot out and then proceeded to put the next 9-iron shot in the right hand bunker. A decent bunker shot got me on the green for 5 and a single putt gave me a nett bogey, which wasn't bad considering I'd hit two trees and got out of a bunker.

On the 3rd I put my tee shot into the bunker that protects the green on the left but again played a decent shot out, only to three-putt and waste the recovery. The 4th lived up to its reputation as my bogey hole. After a good drive up the middle I sliced a hybrid into the trees to the right. It took me two to get out and although I put the next one on the green for five, I wasted the recovery yet again with a three-putt for a gross 8.

The 5th went tolerably well having put my 5-wood on the green, but I was a long way from the hole and needed three putts again to finish for a gross 5. I had a really good drive on the 6th but unfortunately not down the middle. Playing from behind trees on the left I put the ball back on the fairway but then needed two shots to reach the green, and two putts to finish for a gross 6.

A good drive on the 7th followed by a reasonable 5-wood put me within reach of the green, but I was short, chipping on for four. Two putts gave me a gross 6 and a nett par. The 8th was similar in that a good drive was followed by a good fairway wood. Unfortunately I then needed three shots to get to the green but single putted for another gross 6, nett par.

On the 9th paranoia about the lake on the right caused me to put my long drive left among some trees. A good lofted 8-iron got me out but unfortunately the 5-wood that followed swung right into the trees at the bottom of the bank. I didn't have a line to the green and overplayed to the left. A stubbed 7-iron that went nowhere was followed by two more 7-iron pitch-and-runs that didn't quite make it. I putted on from the edge of the green and then two-putted for an inglorious 9. Not the best way to finish.

In summary I had some good drives today and a few good fairway woods. The pitching shots could have been better but the real let-down was the putting. Twenty putts over nine holes isn't great by any measure, and among those I missed were some that should have gone in. I know it's an excuse, but I found that I was consistently short with my longer putts, and I think the green dressing was a factor. This meant my second putt was often quite long and was missed a number of times. In fact I three-putted four holes and only had two single putts.

Here's the Game Golf Scorecard:

Scorecard - 31 March 2016

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