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Lakeside Lodge - Manor Course - 04/09/17

The main course was booked throughout the morning so we were obliged either to wait until after lunch or play the Manor course. No choice really. I like the Manor but today I wanted to try out my 5-wood off the fairway, and the Manor isn't the best place to experiment. It's a narrow course and doesn't treat wayward shots kindly. In the early days of my golf I often played the Manor, and equally often spent a lot of time in trees. On a couple of holes today I was treated to a bit of nostalgia as I found myself in much the same situation.

Having taken a couple of my hybrids out of the bag, the 1st presented a bit of a challenge as I didn't have the club that I would usually use. I'm a bit unpredictable playing irons off tees but today I took the 7-iron and hit a perfect length shot, the only problem being it was right and landed in a bunker. I played out but then slowed up on a delicate gap wedge shot, not making the green. However, I putted on and holed the ball for a nett par 4.

My drive on the 2nd was just about perfect in both direction and distance. A gap wedge onto the green for two and two putts for a par 4, nett eagle.

Hole 3 - 04 September 2017

On the 3rd I again played an iron off a tee, the pitching wedge, which was also length perfect but went quite a bit left into the trees, coming to rest up against a trunk. I made a backhand flick with my gap wedge as the shot needed a left-hand stance. This was in fact quite effective and I putted on from the fringe and single-putted for another 4, a nett par. Three holes, three fours - things were looking good.

The 4th brought me down to earth with a thump. The drive was long but just made the edge of the trees on the left. Playing forward with a 5-iron, and trying not to catch the trees immediately to my left, I ended up in the trees on the right. There was no forward shot out and in fact I played sideways and back to get clear. The next mistake was to take the 5-wood. I had brought it to try out fairway shots, not expecting to play the narrow Manor course. It sliced right and again put me into trees. The trees on this course are closely packed and rarely give you a clear exit path. Trying to steer the ball through a narrow gap I miss-hit it, and was still in the trees. I got the next one out but was now on 6. An attempt to repeat the gap wedge shot of the 2nd was this time short and landed in the bunker. Sand wedge out, putt from off green and a single putt for a horrendous 10.

The short 5th drive was pin high but left. I needed to pitch over a bunker but the lie was poor, so I punched the ball out, too forcefully as it happens, the shot ending up yards past the far side of the green. The gap wedge back was from long grass and was better controlled, the ball landing on the green. Two putts for a nett bogey 5.

The long 6th is a really challenging hole and I started with a long drive of 175 yards. Unfortunately it was left of the fairway, placing the ball such that the lake was in front of me. There was a tempting 'across the lake' option, but I chickened out and played a safe 8-iron to the right of the fairway. I then topped a 5-wood, gaining only 80 yards. The next 5-wood was much better, but it drifted right and hit the branches of a tree that sits off the fairway, outside the main tree line. After a bit of searching the ball was found quite deep into the trees. I played out but was a little too long, leaving me in long grass on the far side of the fairway. My gap wedge was again short, and my following 8-iron chip-and-run ran too far, leaving me a long downhill putt. My first putt didn't roll anywhere near as far as I expected, and I ended up three-putting for another 10. Two in one day is unforgivable.

The 7th is an uphill drive and I did well to make just over 140 yards. Playing out of long grass with my 5-iron I was disappointed with the distance I got. Once more I took the gap wedge and not wanting to be short again, I overplayed it significantly, the ball going through trees on the far side of the green. I was lucky to get a clean shot back, which settled just of the far side of the green. A putt on and one putt for a nett par 6.

I took my driver on the short 8th and was a few yards short of the green. A delicate gap wedge chip left me with a par putt possibility, but I needed two for a nett par 4.

The 9th is a tricky hole to drive as there's atrocious rough to the left but not much view of the right from the tee position. Although my drive wasn't as far right as I would have liked, it was safe on the fairway and reasonably long. I went for an 8-iron loft over trees but actually put the ball right. It was safe and once more I took the gap wedge, the shot rolling off the green to the bank at the back. I chipped back on but misread the slope with my first putt, leaving it well short. The next was also a bit short and I tapped in for a nett bogey 7.

Final tally was 54 with 15 putts and 13 points. Although I was obviously upset about the two 10s, I have to accept that I was experimenting a bit and if I hadn't used the 5-wood I may well have avoided two or three of the lost shots. The gap wedge on balance performed well but I need to improve direction with the longer irons.

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Scorecard - 04 September 2017

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