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Lakeside Lodge - Manor Course - 05/09/16

First outing for a week and the main course was closed for maintenance, so we went on the Manor. I like the Manor but today it caused me a fair bit of grief. We started in very light drizzle, not that wetting, but it made the greens very slow. In fact the Manor greens aren't that good to start with, so today was challenging.

It started reasonably well, the first tee having been recently repositioned, making this par 3 only about 125 yards. My hybrid tee shot bounced before the green and ran on, only to run off the back. A gentle 7-iron chip and two putts for a nett par 4.

On the 2nd my 5-wood tee shot went right, influenced by thick out-of-bounds trees on the immediate left. We found the ball in thick rough and I played a 9-iron to the back of the green, chipped on and only then realised it wasn't my ball! That should have been two penalty shots but as it was only a practice round, and as there wasn't anybody close behind, we went and found my actual ball. My 9-iron this time clipped tree branches and didn't make the green, but another gentle 9-iron got me on for a single putt and a par, nett birdie.

The 3rd is a short par 3 over a lake, which doesn't usually cause me any problems. But today I thinned the hybrid shot into the reeds at the far side of the lake. My second attempt sliced right but bounced off a branch to land to the right of the green. My gap wedge was thin and long, and I needed two putts to get down for 6, a nett double bogey.

It all went wrong on the 4th. My tee shot didn't reach the fairway on what is an uphill shot. The next 5-wood dug the ball out of light rough and placed it in the centre of the fairway. However, the following 5-wood was badly miss-hit, sending the ball left into a fairway bunker. I played out with a hybrid that went 100 yards but unfortunately crept into the trees on the right. I didn't have a direct line to the green and although I hit a good 7-iron out, it ended up in the left hand green-side bunker. I picked it out clean off the hard sand with my gap wedge but it overran the green, needing another 7-iron chip back on. Two putts left me with a 9, nett double bogey.

The 5th wasn't much better. I hit a good 5-wood tee shot that unfortunately just rolled into the left hand green-side bunker. I got out, but only just, then I overdid the gap wedge, needing a long putt back to the hole. I in fact needed three putts for a 6, a nett double bogey.
Hole 6 - Manor Course - 05 September 2016
The 6th is the index 1 hole, a long par 5 with a right-to-left dogleg around a lake. My 5-wood tee shot went right into rough and my hybrid out only just made the fairway. Not a good start on a long hole. However, I then had two good 5-woods, followed by an 8-iron that put me on the back left of the green for 5. Two putts for a 7 gave me a nett par, which on this hole is more than acceptable, especially as my first two shots weren't good.

The 7th is an uphill drive followed by a slight dogleg from left to right. My 5-wood tee shot didn't make the fairway and the next hybrid left me about 110 yards from the green, but with a bunker guarding it. Still playing uphill I hit a 7-iron that miraculously ran through the bunker after landing in it, despite the high lip on the far side. I still needed to chip on, which was short (wet green effect!) and two putts gave me a nett bogey 6.

A miss-hit 5-wood got me 50 yards into the rough on the par 3, 8th but an 8-iron dug me out and the ball ended up on the green. Two putts for a nett par 4.

On the 9th a reasonable 5-wood tee shot left me too far to the left of the fairway, large trees obstructing a straight shot towards the green. A 7-iron set me up for an uncomplicated approach to the green, but the pitching wedge ran off the left. A gentle 9-iron chip back on and two putts for a nett par 6.

Today's story was one of the 5-wood at times getting me into trouble. I think there might have been a bit of 'head up' on some of the wayward shots, and later in the round I tried hard to avoid that happening. I was pleased with a number of my iron shots, having been trying a slightly different approach, setting up a little right with the face slightly closed. This has promise. But yet again it was disappointing that these occasional wayward shots ruined the round.

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Scorecard - 05 September 2016

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