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Lakeside Lodge - Manor Course - 18/09/17

I played today but it was pretty much a disaster. My back is still playing up and today was a test to see if I should play the Mad Cats competition on Friday. On today's performance the answer is definitely no!

I didn't start off too bad, getting a 4 on the par 3, 1st. Then on the 2nd I had a good drive, only to thin my pitching wedge shot along the ground and into the bunker. I got out and then shanked my gap wedge, the first of a number of shanks today that left me wondering whether I should bother. I ended up with a 7 on the 2nd. My pitching wedge shot across the lake on the 3rd, although good for length, went left into the trees, and a I eventually finished with a 5 on this par 3.

My drive on the 4th went left into the edge of the trees, settling near some loose stacked timber. I took a free drop and hit a 7-iron shot to safety further along the fairway. I then put a good 5-iron shot into a bunker. I came out with the pitching wedge, taking no sand and going some 80 yards into heavy rough on the far side of the green. It took ages to find the ball, and we found three others before mine. I pitched on and two-putted for an 8, including a penalty drop from the heavy rough.

I had a good drive on the short 5th, leaving what should have been an easy chip, if I hadn't shanked it. I got on with the next attempt and two-putted for a 5. The 6th is always a challenge on the Manor and today I made what is a difficult hole all the more so with inept play. The drive wasn't bad, although at 160 yards it only just reached the edge of the fairway. I then miss-hit my 5-iron and pushed the ball left towards the lake. I had to play away from the lake, limiting the distance I could gain with my 7-iron. I then hit another poor 5-iron. At this point I had had five shots and was still a long way from the green. Finally I hit a good 5-iron, leaving me a pitch to the green, which I shanked, then I shanked the following gap wedge, and the next - a complete mess. I finally chipped on for 8 and two-putted for 10.

The 7th went better, thankfully. Another drive of just over 160 yards found the fairway, then a 130 yard 5-iron unfortunately went just too far left into the trees. I managed a low 7-iron shot out to the far side of the green, from where I chipped back with the 7-iron again. A single putt for 5. On the 8th my 170 yard drive again went left and this time put the ball under a small tree, requiring a penalty 'unplayable' drop. I pitched on and three-putted for 5.

I grounded the driver on the 9th and although the ball went straight it only made 130 yards. I took my 5-iron and hit a cracking shot that I thought may clear the large tree between me and the green. It didn't, hitting a branch and bouncing out sideways onto the fairway. My pitching wedge was then thin and long, the ball settling off the edge of the green a fair way past the pin. I putted on but then again three-putted for a 7.

I finished with 57 and 19 putts, which is pretty poor on this course as the par is only 34. In fact I was very disappointed with my performance, the multiple shanks being particularly upsetting. The sciatica from my back was quite severe by the end of the round and I think it's time to have a rest from golf and let things calm down a bit.

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Scorecard - 18 September 2017

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