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Lakeside Lodge - Manor Course - 24/10/16

The Lodge Course was fully booked up to almost midday so we went up to the Manor Course. I rather like the Manor but my friend Bob never seems to enjoy it that much. It's a narrow course that punishes wayward drives. The good news was that it wasn't busy, so we had nobody holding us up in front and nobody snapping at our heels behind. It's a while since we played it and quite a few trees have gone since then, altering the outlook quite significantly on some holes. The Church Course on the other side of the road , where I did a lot of my learning, is now permanently closed.

The 1st tee has been moved forward to make way for building development and the hole is now only about 120 yards over a lake. I took my 27 degree hybrid and lofted the ball onto the green. Two putts for a nett birdie 3 was a good start.

My hybrid tee shot on the 2nd was a bit right and ended up just over the path in the rough. My 8-iron out wasn't clean and I needed another pitch to the green, which bounced left on landing leaving me a long putt. I ended up needing three putts for a nett bogey 6.

I miss-hit my hybrid tee shot on the 3rd and was lucky to clear the lake. I chipped on with the gap wedge and then proceeded to three-putt again, for a nett bogey 5.

I took my 5-wood off the tee on the 4th and sliced it into the trees. That was the decider for me to take it out of the bag as it got me into quite a lot of trouble last Thursday. The ball had settled against a pile of cut timber so we decided that a free drop was in order, still in the trees. My 7-iron clipped branches on the way out but still made over 80 yards and put me in the middle of the fairway. The next hybrid left me about 100 yards from the green and I made a lovely lofted 8-iron onto the green for 4, leaving an enormous pitch mark (which I repaired of course). Two putts for a nett birdie 6.

I had a good hybrid tee shot on the 5th and pitched on with my 9-iron, but the ball deflected left on landing leaving me yet another long putt. Yes, you've guessed, another three-putt for a nett bogey 5.

The 6th is a very challenging 563 yard par 5 and I didn't start well with a hybrid tee shot of only 137 yards. However, the next there hybrids were good and put me just to the right of the elevated green. I pitched on with my gap wedge and two-putted for a nett par 7, a good result for me on this hole, particularly with a poor starting tee shot.

The uphill 7th also started well with a 163 yard hybrid tee shot, only to be spoilt by a miss-hit follow-up that sent the ball scurrying to the margins of the lake. A penalty drop and then I thinned the 8-iron sending the ball trundling into the bunker. Two attempts to get out and then a chip and two putts added up to a ridiculous nett quadruple bogie 9. (We practised bunker shots after the game and I got most of them out!)

Just to show how perverse this game is, on the 8th a good hybrid off the tee left me just short of the green. An 8-iron chip and one putt for a nett birdie 3!

My tee shot on the 9th was awful but at least it was straight. The next two hybrid shots went right but kept out of trouble. I pitched the gap wedge 50 yards onto the green but the ball rolled down the slope to the lower level, leaving a long uphill putt. I managed it in two for a nett par 6.

50 strokes, 16 points but 20 putts, which didn't do me any good at all. If I had avoided the bunker fiasco at the 7th I may even have made 18 points. I've decided to leave the 5-wood at home henceforth. Although the hybrids aren't one hundred percent reliable they certainly are better than the wood, and if I make a good clean contact the distance can be comparable with the 5-wood.

I quite enjoyed today despite the usual clutch of mistakes.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 24 October 2016

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