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Bought some new irons

We were in the golf shop at the course yesterday and I spotted some Wilson Staff irons that I thought were new, but as it turned out they were a demo set that had been sent to the shop back when they came to market, but the set was missing a 9-iron.

They are the FG Tour M3 model with black forged heads, and other than a few very minor marks there were no signs of damage or wear on either the faces or the soles. I asked Dave in the shop how much they were, and because it was an incomplete set he said he only wanted a nominal £80. This seemed a bargain to me as they would have been £599 new and, having checked later on eBay, the market place is still asking around £260.

The set is the usual 4I - PW, and the absence of the 9-iron wasn't a deal-breaker. With my level of ability there's not much between a 9 and a pitching wedge and I can keep my existing Callaway 9-iron in the bag if need be.

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