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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 17/02/16

Helen, my wife, had a golf lesson today and I went along. As with a large percentage of high handicap golfers, her problem, like mine, is one of coming round on the ball, or coming from the outside on the downstroke. This, of course, creates the infamous slice as well as introducing a host of other problems. One tip the pro gave her was to keep the right arm close to the body on the backswing, as this helps to discourage the 'outside-to-in' action. I thought that I should give this a try.

Keeping the arm close to the body in this way limits my backswing because my rotational flexibility is itself limited by age and a history of back problems. So while disassociating the arm from the body allowed me to artificially increase the length of the backswing, by swinging the arms further than a simple body turn would permit, this brought with it the problem of the arms adopting an outside to inside downswing. A few swings on the practice range with the 5-wood using the revised approach seemed to produce good results, with the drives going straight and the dreaded slice absent.

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