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Game Golf

What better time to start a new golf diary than just after Christmas now that I've got my Game Golf Classic - a present from Helen.

Game Golf

The system uses a belt-mounted GPS unit that tracks your progress around the course. The clever bit is that by using little screw-in discs on the top of each of your clubs, you can 'inform' the GPS unit what club you're about to use, and then when you get to your next shot, it knows exactly how far your last shot travelled, and where it ended up. Thus each shot is monitored along with the club you used to make it. To set up the system you first need to assign the discs to your particular set of clubs. You can add or edit the contents of your electronic bag using a web-based user page.

After the round, by installing an application on your computer, you can upload your data from the GPS unit and this is stored against your profile. Over time, it is possible to analyse statistically your performance with each club, in terms of distance and direction, the idea being that this will highlight where you need to practice to improve your game.

You can share your results on Facebook, but I'm hoping that it will also provide me with information that I can share in this diary.

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