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Golf in the doldrums

If indeed anybody reads this diary, they may have wondered why there have been no reports since 5 February. The reason, pure and simple, is that I've hardly played since then, and when I have it's been so dire as not to warrant a report. I did in fact play, badly, on 15 February, but that was the last time until this Monday, 19 March.

So why? Well, there's the poor play, obviously, but there's also the fact that my body, or to be more precise my back, seems to be suffering much more lately after playing golf. My lay-off since February brought with it the disappearance of my sciatica, which immediately re-appeared when I played again this week. And, of course, there's been the appalling weather this winter, with the course being very wet and muddy.

Monday's game wasn't great. My drives weren't bad, if a bit misdirected at times, but I seemed to have lost the ability to hit irons. The upshot was a round of 60, including two nines and an eight. I played again today (Thursday), and far from improving, things seemed to get worse. Only one nine, but two eights and far too many muffed iron shots. Perversely I did manage a par 3 out of the bunker on the 3rd, which was decidedly against the run of play. And my sciatica was severe, with my left leg almost giving way a couple of times. I came in with a 62 for the nine holes, feeling absolutely dejected.

The due date for next year's subs is 6 April and I am now seriously considering whether to reduce my membership to Associate, and to play perhaps only once or twice a month. I feel that I have been going backwards for quite a while now in terms of play, and to be honest I'm not sure that I will reverse that trend. Better players than me are declining with age, so as a relative novice to the game, perhaps I can hardly expect to be improving having celebrated my 70th birthday in January.

So if anybody does read this diary, there may be a few sporadic reports going forward, but I fear the regular weekly stories are unlikely to continue. However, I have a Texas scramble next week, long since arranged, and I have been asked to play in another scramble Easter Monday, which I shall try to do. After that, who knows?

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