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Bought some new irons

We were in the golf shop at the course yesterday and I spotted some Wilson Staff irons that I thought were new, but as it turned out they were a demo set that had been sent to the shop back when they came to market, but the set was missing a 9-iron.

They are the FG Tour M3 model with black forged heads, and other than a few very minor marks there were no signs of damage or wear on either the faces or the soles. I asked Dave in the shop how much they were, and because it was an incomplete set he said he only wanted a nominal £80. This seemed a bargain to me as they would have been £599 new and, having checked later on eBay, the market place is still asking around £260.

The set is the usual 4I - PW, and the absence of the 9-iron wasn't a deal-breaker. With my level of ability there's not much between a 9 and a pitching wedge and I can keep my existing Callaway 9-iron in the bag if need be.

I paid only a little less for my secondhand Callaway X14 Steelheads in 2014, and they showed much more wear, understandably as this is a model that was released in 2000. And with that purchase there was no pitching wedge. The X14s, despite receiving glowing reviews, were probably never the best iron for my game, and although the M3s are also apparently more mid-handicapper to Pro, I'm hoping that the forged construction may be more forgiving than the X14 steels.

Wilson M3 iron

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