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Ryder Cup! - 22/05/2018

You may be intrigued by the title of this post. In fact it was the latest instalment of a friendly match series initiated on the occasion of one of the team's 70th birthday. To date all the matches have been Texas Scrambles, allowing one to shelter behind other's superior ability. But this time they decided on match play, thus the Ryder Cup monika.

I was drawn against a 14 handicapper. This meant I was given 13 shots, as I currently play off 27. However, these were allocated as one shot on each of the first 13 indexed holes. This may sound good but I normally get two shots on holes indexed 1 to 9. By only giving me one shot on these 13 holes, I needed score no more than one over his score just to half the hole. On the other 5 holes I needed to match his score to half the hole. That was never going to happen.

As predicated I was totally outplayed, losing the match on the 15th, which was in fact better than I had expected. I managed to win three holes and half another three. I won the 3rd, having put a drive on the green of this short par 3. I also won nearest the pin, but it was at the end of the day a somewhat lucky shot. I won the par 4, 11th with my third shot making the green, and two putts just giving it to me. And I won the 14th because of some wayward shots on his part.

I halved the 2nd, both of us having found the ditch on our tee shot. On the 9th I managed a 7, which was enough for a half. And on the 14th a good putt across the undulating green just gave me a half.

To be honest I didn't ever expect to be competitive and this in a way relaxed me totally. I didn't record my total stroke-play score but it would probably have been about my norm, so I didn't feel that I had done that badly. As I've said, I lost on the 15th, but did in fact nett par that hole, although it wasn't enough.

We went out as a four, playing as two pairs. The other three were all hitting 200 yard plus drives and similar length second shots, one putting his second on the 8th green from 240 yards. My opponent was often on the green in regulation, while I always struggle to achieve that. It was, in the end, no contest!

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