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Pavenham Park - 30/06/17

Today was the Mad Cats' outing and we went to Pavenham Park, near Bedford, a course I hadn't played before. The Mad Cats is a group of senior club members that has an away day every month to different courses, with a friendly competition and small prizes, plus the honour of the Mad Cats' trophy for the overall winner. All good fun and there is a meal at the end of play.

Pavenham is a championship grade course and in its publicity it states:

"The final challenge is to master and understand the unique USPGA style greens which offer the golfer a glimpse of the banks and slopes associated with Augusta National."

If you can putt at Pavenham Park, you can putt anywhere!

Well, they weren't kidding. I played probably one of my best games for a Mad Cats' outing in terms of teeing off and approaches to the greens, but the putting was incredibly difficult. I had six 3-putts and one 4-putt, with a total putting score of 40. This meant that there were a number of holes that were blobbed purely because of the putting. I also had some really good iron shots onto the greens, much better than average, but in many cases the ball just ran down the slope of the green and onto the fringe. These greens need wedge play and backspin, the first not currently being in my bag, and the second being beyond my capabilities. Chip-and-run doesn't work!

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