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Thorpe Wood - 19/05/17

After yesterday's well below par performance at Lakeside Lodge it was with a bit of trepidation that I set off for Thorpe Wood for the monthly Mad Cats' meeting. Although we play for small prizes and the honour of holding the trophy for the month, this is very much a fun affair. But, even so, you don't want to make a complete fool of yourself. The weather gods weren't altogether kind, as it was raining as we teed off, although it moderated on the way round, while always being threatening. This was my first visit to this course in Peterborough. You park on the opposite side of a busy road and crossing with your trolley is hazardous as the ubiquitous fast drivers come round the bends on either side. It really needs some warning signs, not that some drivers would take any notice.

The 1st is a par 3, unusually. This doesn't promote a very quick get away as you really need to wait until the green is clear before teeing off. Not that I needed to worry, my nervy first tee shot striking the ground with the ball only going about 80 yards. The next 9-iron wasn't much better and I wasn't on until the next with a pitching wedge. Two putts for a nett bogey 5. Still, I was away and had scored on the hole, so my nerves settled a bit.

The 2nd started better and after three shots I was just off the green. I putted on and two-putted for a 6, another nett bogey. At least I was scoring.

The 3rd came with a warning when I spoke to a local player in the car park while unpacking. It's a long par at 448 yards and the River Nene runs along the right hand side while there are trees left. The Nene wasn't my problem on the tee shot, which was topped slightly and ran along the ground, coming to rest in a dry ditch that crosses the fairway about 70 yards out. I managed to get out with my pitching wedge, which was adjudged by my co-players as a good shot! I then hit a long hybrid that kept left, as intended, but perhaps a bit too much so, disappearing behind trees. In the event it was safe and another hybrid got to within a 9-iron of the green, which I managed to achieve. I could have rescued a point with two putts, but needed three for a blobbed 8.

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