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Tydd St Giles Golf & Country Club - 01/07/16

The second outing this year for the Mad Cats seniors' group. And a new course for me.

There were nine four-ball groups playing today and the club gave us a good breakfast before we started and a very enjoyable meal after we played. I went out in the second group of two men and two women.

It was a Stableford individual competition for small prizes. Because of this I picked up on holes 6 and 17 and didn't putt out. My Game Golf system doesn't really cater for Stableford, where you occasionally pick up, as it records stroke play. Therefore, for the purposes of completing the Game Golf scorecard I have added shots based on an assumed putting out total, but officially only the Stableford score is valid.

I started brilliantly. Having put my drive a little left I took a hybrid and played over trees to almost reach the 1st green. A perfect 7-iron chip-and-run left me with an easy putt for a par 4, a nett birdie and 3 points. The 2nd was just as good, having reached the green in two, I two-putted for another par 4, and 3 more points.
Hole 2 - 01 July 2016
Then things went wrong. I started the par 5, 3rd reasonably well. The drive had gone to the right, into the rough, but a hybrid clearance set me up for a good 5-wood. Unfortunately the wood again went right and for the next shot I needed to go over a tree. It wasn't a particularly difficult shot but I must have looked up, as the ball scuttled along the ground about 20 yards. I then took an 8-iron to pitch to the green but was well short end ended up in a water-filled ditch. A penalty drop was taken, followed by a 7-iron pitch and two putts for 9, a hopeless nett double bogey on a hole where I had two shots in hand on handicap. No points, obviously.

The par 3, 4th went better. A hybrid off the tee, gap wedge chip and two putts for 4, a nett par for 2 points. The 5th, however, wasn't so good as two successive hybrid shots were a bit thick and added less than 100 yards between them. The next 5-wood recovered some distance but a chip and two putts left me with a 7, a nett bogey and one point.

The 6th was a total disaster. The first drive went out of bounds to the left. The next drive then went right into rough, with trees limiting my options for playing forward. I hit out with a 5-wood which went further than I expected. The angle I had taken to miss the trees sent the shot into bushes, requiring a penalty drop. Again I didn't have a clear view of the green, the hybrid shot landing some 40 yards short. I pitched on with the 9-iron but had now run out of shots on Stableford as I was on 7. I've assumed two putts for the purpose of completing the Game Golf scorecard. No points, obviously.

The 7th was better as I made it to the green in three with a drive and two hybrids. Unfortunately I needed three putts for a 6, but this was a nett par for 2 points. I took my 5-wood for the par 3, 8th and was only just short of the green. A 7-iron chip-and-run and a putt gave me a par, nett birdie for 3 points.

The 9th is the index one hole and three good shots, a drive, a 5-wood and a hybrid, put me only a short distance from the green. A gap wedge chip and one putt gave me a 5 and a nett birdie for another 3 points.

So despite two bad blobs I managed 17 points on the front nine.

Three putts on the 10th for 7 meant I missed a nett par, picking up one point. After three good approach shots my gap wedge pitch was far too short, leaving me too much to do on the putting. I didn't make the green with my drive on the par 3, 11th, and then pitched too far leaving another long putt back. Two putts gave me a 4, nett par for 2 points.

My drive on the 12th went into trees on the right and all I could sensibly do was to chip out sideways. A long 5-wood got me back in contention and I put the next 8-iron shot on the green. Two putts for 6, a nett par for 2 points on this index 2 hole.

There weren't any real errors on the par 5, 13th but I managed to rack up 8 shots as I put one shot after another into rough on the right of the fairway. It took me 5 to get on the green and then three putts sealed my fate with a nett double bogey and no points. Fortunately things went a bit better on the 14th, but two lacklustre 9-irons wasted the 280 yards I had achieved from my drive and 5-wood. After a single putt I ended up with 5, but with two shots in hand from handicap this was a nett birdie for 3 points. It could so easily have been a 4 if my first pitch had been better.

I again drove into tress on the right on the 15th. I took a 7-iron for a careful chip out back onto the fairway. From there I put a 5-wood shot onto the edge of the green and two putted for 5, a nett par and 2 points. On the par 3, 16th I teed off with my 20 degree hybrid and actually just made the edge of the green, but with a very long uphill putt to the hole. I completely overcooked it, going off the green behind the pin. The ball was against the edge of longer grass and I tried putting back on, but the grass slowed the putter and I was well short. I then needed two more putts to get down. So a 5 after being on the green for one! A nett bogey for one point.

The 17th was a repeat of the 15th. My drive went right into trees and I took a 7-iron to chip back to the fairway. Unfortunately my next hybrid shot was thick and only made 75 yards. I chipped to just off the edge of the green with my pitching wedge then thinned a gap wedge off the back of the green. I came back on with a 7-iron chip-and-run but was now on 6, meaning that I couldn't score. I picked up and have added two putts to Game Golf for the purposes of completing the scorecard.

At least I had a reasonable finish on the 18th. I hit the ground when driving and only made 108 yards. The next hybrid was also thick and short, landing in a dry ditch (fortunately). My hybrid out of the ditch went right but was pin high, from where I pitched on with the gap wedge, the ball coming to rest a few feet from the pin. I putted out for 5, a nett par and 2 points.

My score on the back nine was, therefore, 13 points, giving 30 points overall for the day. And that was with four blobs. One bad shot on the 3rd effectively blew the hole, while the other blobs were basically down to wayward drives and poor recovery. The answer, make sure that your drives land on the fairway.

All holes - 01 July 2016

Game Golf Scorecard:

Scorecard - 01 July 2016

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